Cottage Milky Way

Home to billions of stars, our galactic island, the Milky Way, shines above a cottage near roaring waters of Chuya River in the short darkness of a Siberian summer night. The world Heritage site of Altai Mountains is located at the border area of Russia (Siberia) with Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and China.

Image credit & copyright: Babak Tafreshi

(Source: twanight.org)


A magical cabin converted from a watermill by a Serbian painter whose father owned and operated many mills along this Bosnian river.

Contributed by Brian Portolano.


200-year-old stacked stone home in Linescio, Switzerland

Renovated by Buchner Bründler Architekten in 2011, the exterior was left untouched while the interior was reconstructed layer by layer with poured concrete.

Photographs by Ruedi Walti.